UX and UI Design

Creating an experience.

A preview of the app in use, showing off the Arooma brand and parts of the Arooma logo.


Arooma is an app concept created to help provide users comfort and relaxation. It connects to your home, giving the opportunity to customize your rooms with an aroma therapy system.

The app is linked up to a smart air freshener, controlled by the user from their phone. Users are able to scroll through scent options and are able to set customized timers for when certain will be released.

A pencil sketch of the different screens users can see when navigating through the app and different variations while exploring possibilites. More pencil sketches of both possible app screen layouts and ways in demonstrating my app.
A layout showing off different aspects and different screens from the Arooma app. It also shows off my thought process and steps in developing the app and more sketches of the app flow and screens.

Arooma's unqiue concept brings a sense of confort and control to the user, allowing for complete customization of their home. From setting scents in the different rooms of your home, to controlling the amount of scent being released in your home, Arooma provides a simple format for changing the moods and atmosphere in your home.