Not just 2D design.

Three boxes demonstrating the playful and stylized package redesign of Spitz Sunflower Seeds Packaging.

Spitz Sunflower Seeds Packaging

Spitz sunflower seeds have always had the same type of packaging: an easy tear plastic bag. They advertise their bags as the perfect snack solution for those who are on the go and a bag that is hassle free and easy to throw away. However, their current sunflower seed bag is made of a plastic material that is not biodegradable or eco-friendly.

I focused on providing a solution to this issue while staying true to the brand's look and feel, using different colours to indicate the various flavours, and provide a useful yet playful look to the box itself. The box features a window that is not only used by customers to see the product they will be purchasing, but doubles as an image of a sunflower when paired with the petal illustrations on the box.

Pencil sketches showing my thought process for new environmentally friendly packaging.
Spitz Sunflower Seeds have always been easily recognizable through their use of bright and playful colours. They use these colours in a way that is unique to their company and practical as an indicator for variation in their flavours. I wanted to stay true to the Spitz Sunflower Seed brand and use these bright and bold colours in a recognizable way.
Black and white computer rendering images of the slip cover and tray layout before assembly.
I also wanted to provide consumers with a choice of flavours for their sunflower seeds. Spitz Sunflower Seeds prides themselves in their wide range of flavours, so I designed a large box seeming fairly similar to Spitz Sunflower Seeds' previous look; however, inside I made six separate smaller slip cover boxes, each containing a different flavour.
The large outer box of the Spitz packaging showing the brand consistency and creative package window display.
A view of inside the large box with all the trays together, emphasizing the sunflower illustration they all make up. An exmaple of the sunflower tray and slip cover outside of the larger packaging.

Not only is the package redesign playful and fun, but it also maintains a high level of practicality. Each small container has a slip cover that when removed, becomes an accessible tray for the sunflower seeds.