Bringing design to life.

A preview of the main hiker and mountain illustration used in the moving mountains looping gif.

Moving Mountains

Illustration is a large part of my interest in design; and with the addition of motion, this adds a whole new level to my selected pieces.

I created a simple gif animation so as not to distract from the illustration itself, but still presenting them in an interesting way.

The looping gif animation helps to enhance the concept behind the illustration, and suggest the rising of the sun, or onset of night, overall really bringing the images to life.

A preview of the fisherman illustration, brought to life in a looping gif.

Gone Fishing

Originally designed as a print piece, this gif was created to add more to the story of the original illustration.

It begins with the character of a fisherman, simply relaxing on the lake (giving the story found in my print piece). This is followed by the reveal of a surprise underwater.

Parallax effects were added into the gif, when moving from above the water, to below, to bring the viewer closer into the scene.

A preview of scenes throughout the kinetic type video, setting the stage for the type of humour seen throughout Zombieland and throughout this clip.

Zombieland Kinetic Type

Zombieland is a comedy horror involving survivors of a zombie apocalypse taking over America.

I illustrated a comedic moment in the film involving a search for Twinkies which have now become scarce in a zombie-filled America, using type to emphasize the speech made by Woody Harrelson’s character.

The kinetic type video uses type and illustrations to emphasize the dry humour found in the video and throughout the Zombieland movie. It illustrates the voice of the character and sets the mood for the overall movie.

An image of the character animated in the short Playing With Werewolves video.

Playing With Werewolves

This short character animation was created as part of a 5 second motion and animation challenge, based around the theme “play”.

Throughout the animation, details were added into the character’s expression, exaggerating his eyebrow movement and giving him an overall playful look.

The video was paired with a playful and humorous song to tie the mood together and giving it an upbeat and fun feel.

An image taken from Doctor Who of the weeping angels.

Don't Blink

Based around the Doctor Who episode “Blink”, this video was created as a title sequence for a potential horror movie. To provide a little background, this particular episode features a creature called the weeping angel. The weeping angels are meant to be a race of predatory creatures, resembling stone statues. When they are not being observed by another being, they can move very quickly and silently, allowing them to close long distances in only the blink of an eye.

With this plot line throughout the show’s episode, it makes for a unique and suspenseful situation. A glitch type effect along with television static was applied throughout the video, in both the footage and type itself. This was used as it further relates back to the original Doctor Who episode, as the Doctor attempts to warn those in danger through an old television on an old and “glitchy” tape.

The combination of carefully chosen sound effects, along with the idea of bringing the viewer into complete darkness, enhances the suspenseful effect, and carries through the horror style throughout the rest of the video up until the final reveal of the angel.