Getting your name out there.

An introductory photo, providing a preview of the stressed, tense, and overwhelemed mood present in all photography throughout the campaign for a unique style ad for Calypso waterpark.

Calypso Campaign

Calypso Waterpark is one of the best known water parks in Canada. It has made a name for itself as a family summer attraction and advertises itself as a great place to bring your kids or to simply hang out with friends. Keeping this idea in mind, I looked to reach out to the parents of families rather than the children, suggesting to bring a little family fun into their lives, instead of living a life of work and no play.

After all, parents are the ones making the ultimate decision of whether or not to bring their kids to water park attractions such as Calypso. To do this, I created a few short headlines featuring a stressed or anxious emotion, followed by the phrase "let it slide." Let it slide relates these emotions back to Calypso by telling it's audience to simply forget about these tense feelings and literally let their emotions slide away down the rides at Calypso.

An image of some of the web and print advertisements designed for the campaign. These ads show the pressure and overworked feeling that work causes, and describes the solution: Calypso.
While this campaign is geared more toward adults, the images are somewhat humorous and over exaggerated to still attract the attention of children. The humour of these ads extend over a wide variety of viewers as everyone is able to relate to the feeling of stress and frustration.
I also used bright blue colours to emphasize the "let it slide" line in the ad, to help compliment the orange found in the Calypso logo, and finally, help provide a somewhat bright and more happy area in the ads contrasting to the frustrated and angry emotion as seen through the images of the ads.
A bus ad, designed to show the tense mood of work situations, and suggestions the calming and fun solution: coming to Calypso.
A web banner showing an image of the tired mood work can cause, followed byt he solution: a visit to Calypso. An image of a man overwhelmed by piles of work. The suggested solution: come to Calypso.

This particular advertising campaign comes at its audience in a unique and creative way. It reaches out to all audiences and comes together to create a humorous, and relatable campaign.