Creating an image.

The friendly and welcoming rebranded image of Pho Moonlight.

Pho Moonlight

Pho Moonlight offers the finest Vietnamese style cuisine in Kanata and promises each and every one of their customers satisfaction; but while they may serve only the highest quality food, their logo sends their customers a different message. Due to the current logo design, Pho Moonlight is perceived as out of date and low quality. At first glance, their logo does not demonstrate just what they have to offer.

I chose to redesign their overall look and brand, providing them with an image that would demonstrate Pho Moonlight’s professionalism and would communicate their welcoming, friendly and comfortable atmosphere. We bring this all together through the unique and stylish logo design combining a modern visual representation of their delicious cuisine. We reflect Pho Moonlight’s own unique style and identity with the suggestion of a crescent moon found in the positive space.

Rough pencil sketches, depicting my process of the logo design.
While the dish “Pho” has become known around Ottawa, Pho Moonlight’s current logo has no indication as to what they serve. I wanted to make an understandable image for people who may not know what Pho is or customers who may be passing by. To improve upon this, I created a more up to date design that tells the customer right away what Pho Moonlight has to offer. I wanted to give them a more professional and well put together graphic for their logo.
Computer renderings and colour exploration examples of the final four logos for Pho Moonlight's design.
I wanted to make a very clean and simple style graphic that could easily be recognized. In this graphic I used the image of a chopstick, three noodles and a bowl, all created from the negative space of a circle. These items all together can easily be recognized as Pho noodle soup. By using the negative space to create this image, it also allowed me to play with the positive space, creating points near the bottom of the circle, where the bowl cuts off, giving the illusion of a crescent moon shape.
An example of the branding guidelines created around the Pho Moonlight logo design and rebrand.
An example of the logo in use, produced on an all new stationary package design. The final logo symbol designed for Pho Moonlight.

Along with a redesign of their logo, we enhanced their overall brand, emphasizing their welcoming and friendly atmosphere through their new modern image. A branding guide was developed, paired with the logo helping to ensure only the best design decisions and guiding them to an overall more professional image.

The professional and modern image of CELERA's brand.


CELERA is a start up genomics company looking to explore and research the elimination of infectious disease. They focus on the research of how DNA contributes to the development of certain infectious diseases.

They wanted to reflect this medical background and DNA lab based research through their logo graphic in a unique, modern and stylish way.

Computer rendering exploration of the CELERA logo designs.
The challenge of designing a logo with a DNA strand image is finding a unique way to represent it.
More computer rendering explorations of the CELERA logo design, incorporating DNA style strands.
I created a brand image that reflected the professional look they were looking for while giving them a clean look.
The business cards designed to re-enforce the CELERA brand and emphasize the logo symbol.
CELERA's unique, professional, and modern DNA logo design. A better view of the back side of CELERA's informational backing of their card.

Research for infectious disease is not always thought of as a clean and “pretty” job. My plan was to provide CELERA with an image that would give them a more positive and attractive look.